Cooking Class/Dinner: Put a Bean On It!

dried-beansDate and time: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 6-8pm EST
Location: Peaceful River Farm, Chapel Hill NC

What do cocoa, kidneys, and jumping have in common?

Beans, of course!

And beans, despite any paleo fantasies to the contrary, are proven to be among nature's most excellent food for humans. The correlation between bean-eating and longevity is striking, widespread, and persistent.

Yet most people can go for weeks without experiencing the wonder of beans. That changes now!

In this fun and tasty 100% whole food, plant-based class and dinner, we'll discover how easy and delicious it is to add beans to our diets.

You'll see how easy and quick it can be to create amazingly healthy, hearty, and delicious dishes that include beans as stars or in supporting roles.

We'll discuss canned versus dried, and how to soak and cook beans. And of course, there will be the obligatory musicology lecture regarding this most musical of foods.

Dishes may include any or all of the following, and others:

  • Mock tuna salad
  • Black bean brownies
  • Red lentil hummus
  • “Bloody” Beet Burgers
  • Some beany soup

So come on out, and discover how to Put a Bean On It!