WT 012: Dilip Barman on Foods For Life

dilip-barmanDilip Barman is a Food For Life instructor, plant-based personal chef, food blogger, and president of the Triangle Vegetarian Society.

As a food blogger, Dilip hasn't repeated a meal in over 13 years of daily cooking and blogging.

As a Food For Life instructor, Dilip takes students through both the science and practical skills required to adopt the world's healthiest diet (the only one shown to reverse even advanced heart disease).

And as president of the Triangle Vegetarian Society, Dilip presides over the country's best attended vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner (at Dilip's table, the turkeys also give thanks!).

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We chatted about the evidence-based benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as the challenges and how they can be overcome. Enjoy!


Dilip's Dinner Blog

Food For Life program from Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

The Triangle Vegetarian Society