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If you're committed to wellness – for yourself, or for your family – then TriangleBeWell membership is the golden ticket.

You'll learn the simple and powerful eating plan clinically proven to prevent and reverse most diseases, and get you to your ideal weight without dieting or counting anything.

You'll develop ninja food skills: shopping, preparing, and serving amazing, easy, and inexpensive healthy meals. Even if your culinary experience has been limited to boiling water, making toast, and opening cans.

You'll discover how to navigate the healthcare system so you get what you need without becoming a victim of unnecessary drugs, procedures, or tests. What you will save in co-pays can cover your annual membership in just the first month or two!

You'll master your own habits and behaviors through classes and group coaching. No more “falling off the wagon,” no more struggling with daily temptations. Discover and apply behavioral strategies that actually work. You'll be amazed at how good freedom feels!

In Partnership with Wellness Forum Health

Triangle Be Well is allied with a nationwide network of healthcare professionals, Wellness Forum Health.

Wellness Forum Health been providing programs and resources to support optimal health to thousands of people all over the world for over 18 years. Our programs help many different people, ranging from those who are just beginning to make diet and lifestyle changes, to those who have already made substantial progress in these areas.

Every day, new articles appear stating that drugs, supplements, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures that have been assumed to be safe and effective might not be either safe or effective.

Most doctors are too busy to keep up with the thousands of new articles in the dozens of journals related to their practices. Instead, they do what the insurance companies encourage and prescribe what their drugs reps sell.

You can no longer afford to visit doctors and other health care providers and do what you're told. You need to be an informed consumer.

I promise this: if you join Triangle Be Well and Wellness Forum Health, your life will change. If you follow our recommendations, you’ll enjoy the best health you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll become an educated and savvy consumer of medical and other health-related services.

Here's what you get when you join:

1-on-1 Personalized Assistance ($45 value) – upon joining, you’ll get a phone call from Wellness Forum Health dietitian Julie, to help you get the most out of your membership

Wellness 101 DVDs and Curriculum Book ($99 value) this program teaches the science of diet and health, and the skills needed to adopt a program of dietary excellence and optimal habits.

Introduction to Informed Healthcare Decision Making Online Video Course ($250 value)includes understanding the informed decision making process; how to fine and interview health professionals including family practice doctors, pediatricians, mental health professionals, physical therapists, personal trainers; how to read basic blood tests and other commonly administered tests; and other related topics.

Members-Only Website ($200 value)  in addition to recipes and other helpful information, you'll have access to a growing library of workshops on a variety of topics. New workshops are posted on a regular basis.

Discounts (up to $1000 value) – on select educational programs and national conferences conducted by Wellness Forum Health of Columbus, Ohio

“How to Get Started” Sessions (For NC Triangle residents – $65/month value)Live class, once a month, in various Triangle venues. This class is a 4 hour “boot camp” that will review The Wellness Forum’s eating plan, how to shop and cook, and how to get fit quick. Come hungry; food samples and lunch will be served.

Big Discounts on Local Cooking Classes, Wellness Presentations, and Workshops (For NC Triangle residents – up to $240 annual value for individuals, much more for families)  Save 30-40% or more on local Triangle Be Well classes, demos, and other events.

Monthly Teleclasses ($840/year value)learn the why, what and how of living a healthy lifestyle in these monthly live teleclasses led by Howard. Topics include nutrition, cooking, developing a fitness routine, overcoming obstacles, breaking bad habits, losing weight, navigating the medical system, and much more. All calls are recorded and archived so you can listen anytime.

Enhanced Membership Bonuses

1-on-1 “Wellness Road Map” Consulting Session ($175 value)  a 30-minute session with Howard, in person or over the phone, in which you'll get clarity on your wellness goals, amp up your motivation to attain optimal wellness, identify any obstacles that are holding you back, and come away with a customized road map and action plan for reaching your goals.

Total value: $2799 or more

How Much Does It Cost?

If you were to purchase all the membership benefits a la carte, you would pay a minimum of $2799 a year.

But if you sign up online today, membership is only $139/year for basic membership, and $149/year for enhanced membership (which includes a private 30-minute Roadmap to Wellness consultation worth $175).

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