WT 009: Kevin O’Connell on Feeding Ourselves Locally and Seasonally

kevin-oconnellToday's show features Kevin O'Connell, Director of Operations for The Produce Box, a company that delivers fresh, local produce and specialty products to homes and offices all over North Carolina.

Their motto – “We bring the farmer's market to your door!” – speaks to their innovative business model that capitalizes on the best aspects of Community Supported Agriculture while eliminating some of the inconveniences and annoyances.

I first discovered The Produce Box at their booth at the Raleigh Vegfest, and was intrigued about the multiple community benefits they deliver: food security for the community, financial security for farmers, availability of fresh and locally sourced produce in season, and education and inspiration for healthy eating and living for their members.

Listen to this episode (00:22:03)
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Kevin and I spoke about:

  • the challenges of running a business where Mother Nature calls all the shots
  • the importance of educating consumers on how to store and prepare fresh produce
  • the key issue of transparency
  • the differences between locally grown and cross-country or foreign produce
  • the importance of a closed-loop growing season for regional food security
  • how to get farmers to share and cooperate, and why this matters
  • and much more…