WT 010: Suzanne Ballentyne on Inhabiting Ourselves Fully

IMG_2754Suzanne Ballentyne is a life coach, yoga and meditation instructor, wellness coach, and meditation retreat leader. She weaves these many strands together in a thoughtful and soulful way, as I discovered when I had the privilege of interviewing her for Well Talk.

We talked about good eating, good thinking, good moving, and good not-moving.

The importance of community in supporting individual health and wellbeing.

And how to slow down and take time for important things in a “drive-thru” world.

And how to introduce ourselves to meditation and self-awareness in a gentle, titrated way, rather than a “Boot Camp” experience.


Listen to this episode (00:34:02)
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SimplyPractice.net – Suzanne's website

Changeology – a book popularizing James Prochaska's Trans Theoretical Model (which Suzanne spoke about a couple of times)