WT 014: Chris Girdis on Reconnecting with Breath and Body

chris-girdisChris Girdis and Krishana Clark run The Lifestyle Center in Raleigh, a very non-traditional chiropractic practice.

Using Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Respiratory Integration (both terms are explained during the interview), they help their clients reconnect with their bodies to lessen or even get rid of physical and emotional pain.

Turns out when we become more aware of our bodily sensations and learn how to deal with them through appropriate breathwork, lots of other things start falling into place, including better eating, more exercise, and general lifestyle improvements.

Listen to this episode (00:24:27)
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Chris and Krishana dropped by my office to talk about their work. Krishana turns out to be the silent type, at least in front of a microphone, but her energy and spirit are definitely part of the the conversation.



The Lifestyle Center